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Our Consulting Services

Imaginate Inc. has developed three service lines that can help our clients achieve breakthrough results: reFocus™ strategic planning, Sharpen Your Edge™ organizational effectiveness and Taking a Leap™ leadership development. While the methodology and consulting skillsets are different for each of these service lines, our motivation is the same - we want to help our clients gain the momentum needed to transition from ideas and IMAGINATION to ACTION. Each of these services is highly customizable and can be adapted to suit your priorities, budget and timeframes.


reFocus™ (download 1-pager) provides strategic planning services to help organizations discover, or rediscover, their ‘sweet spot and develop an action-oriented ‘roadmap for change’. Results ...

  •     Clear mandate and strategic objectives
  •     Strategy and action-oriented tactics to direct decision-making and operations
  •     Performance measures and targets to track progress


Sharpen Your Edge™ (download 1-pager) provides management consulting services, including organizational design, process redesign, program evaluation and performance measures, enabling clients to achieve organizational effectiveness. Results ...

  •     Organizational capacity aligned to strategic priorities
  •     Clear accountability for functional outcomes
  •     Balanced span of authority and workloads
  •     Clarity in roles, reporting and levels of authority
  •     Effective career progression and succession planning


Taking a Leap™ (download 1-pager) is a leadership development program that combines group training sessions with one-on-one coaching to enable individuals to take a leap, rise to the occasion, and become highly effective leaders in changing environments. Results ...

  •     A leadership team that demonstrates Emotional Intelligence
  •     Adaptive leaders who can adjust their management styles
  •     Credible leaders who earn the confidence of their team
  •     High-performance leaders accountable for results